Sistema PEI FlexPlate
260 mm x 354 mm

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Descrizione prodotto

By using the BuildTak FlexPlate system you can 3D print with a wide selection of different materials, and easily remove printed parts from the buildplate. You can change easily between different plates thanks to the magnetic system, as it is easily removed by hand, while still firmly attached during 3D printing. Also the system allows you to easily swap to a different print surfaces, giving you the best adhesion, reducing the chance of warping and curling corners. To remove your prints from the plate, all you have to do is just detach the magnetic part, bend the sheet and it will "jump" right off. It can be used for all kinds of 3D printers, just check for the compatible printbed size. These plates have a size of 260 mm x 354 mm. The set consists of a flexible, magnetic and a PEI build surface. It is only suitable for the Ultimaker S5.


GTIN 671983917410
€ 134,50  incl. IVA Disponibile

Solo 6 rimasti, ordina subito!

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