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Discover RepRapWorld’s collection of linear bearings for 3D printers and CNC machines. Linear bearings are essential to the linear movement within a machine, supporting a variety of loads. Find linear bearings in different lengths and diameter sizes!

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3D printer linear bearings

Linear bearings are crucial machine components that have been manufactured to ensure smooth movement in a single direction. There are many linear bearings with different designs, using distinctive mechanical parts to achieve the desired one-way movement. 

With linear bearings in place, a machine can move a big amount of weight known as a load in a straight line. To understand linear bearings further, it is good to know that they bear the weight of the equipment so that movement itself can be slick and unhindered. The most popular kind of linear bearings are rolling linear bearings that utilize balls or rollers as their rolling element. A linear bearing can be found in several places in a CNC machine or 3D printer, for example on the Z-axis of a 3D printer.

Replace your 3D printer’s linear bearings

Linear bearings can last from around 8 to 12 years, given that they are properly maintained over time. It is important to replace your linear rail bearings before they wear out and start affecting the machine’s performance. When you notice ringing and vibrations during 3D printing, then it is time to update them to avoid any damage to your machine. Be sure to also replace your linear bearings when upgrading to a direct drive extruder system or when installing new CNC drill motors.

Select linear bearings for your 3D printer or CNC machine

We offer linear bearings for all machines where horizontal movement is required. Select the premium linear bearings from our selection by high-quality brands ensuring consistent and reliable machine performance. Attach a linear bearing platform in order to properly guide your extruder throughout the print. In case you are looking for more mechanical parts that support the linear movement within a machine, have a look at our page dedicated to linear motion with Z-axes motor couplings, different-sized slider rails, and more. 

Maintain 3D linear bearings

Keep your linear bearings always in the best condition before usage for high-performance. In case you have linear bearings that are awaiting to be mounted to your 3D printer, we advise that you keep them greased in their original packaging. Always follow the manufacturer’s advice for appropriate storage to ensure maximum longevity. Once you have mounted linear bearings onto your machine, make sure that you regularly lubricate them. Lubrication is crucial to minimize any corrosion or abrasion during usage. A lack of lubrication will inevitably result in damage and wear of the machine’s mechanical components.

If you have any questions about linear bearings or linear assembly, you can contact us via our customer service. We are always happy to be of assistance!

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