Acquista componenti elettronici per stampanti 3D in IT

Discover our electronics section, dedicated to all electronics and components for your 3D printer and CNC machine. Our large assortment is ideal for a DIY 3D printer project and allows many upgrade possibilities, neat add-ons, and more!

3D printer modules

Find specific high-end parts for your 3D printer in our modules section. Here, you can come across fundamental electronic components that keep your 3D printer running. Explore multiple cooling options and ways to keep your 3D printer operating to its full capacity.

Controller boards

A 3D printer or CNC machine requires a controller board or motherboard in order to function. The controller board can be thought of as the heart or the brain as it communicates with the different modules within a machine. Find premium controller boards for exceptional operational performance.

Electronic 3D components

All of the components in this section are ideal for DIY projects and the development and prototyping of electronics and circuits. Our large assortment caters to all makers who are searching for a particular piece or several complex parts. Discover our wide collection of stepper drivers, fuses, and more!

Electronic 3D brands

We offer 3D printer electronics from a range of premium brands. Arduino is known for its single-board microcontrollers and microcontroller kits for prototyping and implementing DIY projects. Duet3D is embraced for its powerful and efficient motherboards for 3D printers as well as CNC machines.

Electronics for 3D printers and CNC machines

Have your 3D printer or CNC machine run smoothly and efficiently with the electronics from RepRapWorld. We offer a myriad of electronic components and solutions for all applications. Electronic components give life to the mechanical parts of your 3D printer. Parts like the drive gears are electronically controlled to push filament through and bearings will ensure that the movement of your axis is always guided. Nonetheless, we provide spares and extras.

Easily navigate through the page to find the elements that guarantee calculated movement and precision of the mechanical features of a machine. Whether you are repairing your CNC machine or decided that your DIY 3D printer kit requires some new changes for those latest 3D ideas, we have the components available. All of the electronics in this collection are unique with their own set of advantages. If you are debating which electronics will suit you best, have a look at the 3D electronics comparison page. For more specific information, discover our electronic subcategories above.

Do you have questions about 3D printer electronics? Do let us know via our customer service.

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