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RepRapWorld is an official reseller of E3D, known for producing premium extruder products and accessories that are highly reliable. We share with you the most popular must-have E3D hot ends and 3D printer supplies!

Hot end E3D

Ugelli E3D

Complete assortment of E3D nozzles. We supply normal brass nozzle for day-to-day use, copper nozzles for high-temperature printing and hardened steel nozzles for durability. Use the filters on the left to quickly find the right nozzle for your printer!

Parti e pezzi di ricambio E3D

Prodotti E3D che non appartengono ad altre categorie.

All about E3D

E3D is an innovative major 3D brand founded in the United Kingdom. In 2012 while two friends were 3D printing, they realized that the current hot ends on the market were missing key aspects. They decided to develop and create high-performance hot ends that would eventually change the world of 3D printing. This would also be the case for more parts and tools, like heater cartridges and Bowden adapters. They can be used to provide useful upgrades and modifications to the hot end, matching the user’s printing goals. E3D has taken a lead when it comes to manufacturing extruder parts and components that boost 3D printing performance to guarantee the best 3D model quality. 

The company creates 3D parts for 3D printing hobbyists and professionals, considering the foundation of what makers really need to achieve successful 3D printing. E3D serves the 3D printing community with extrusion at the focus while providing high-quality generic parts as well as more specific components. Discover accessories and parts that are pre-assembled and unassembled, allowing neat customizability options for every DIY 3D printing project.  

E3D filament spoolWorks

Not only do E3D create extruder parts and accessories, but they have also been successful in manufacturing premium filament materials. If you are searching for semi-flexible filament, check out E3D’s filament brand spoolWorks , for high-quality TPE filament. Find the PVA Scaffold support filament for 3D models with intricate overhangs and bridges. 

Keep an eye on E3D as they continue to transform the 3D printing landscape with their magnificent practical innovations. Find the optimal extruder and hot end components in this collection for your 3D printer today!

Would you like more information on the extruders and hot ends by E3D? Easily reach out to us via our customer service team.

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