SuperVolcano Upgrade Kit
1.75 mm / 12 V / Ugello da 1mm

Kit hot end a flusso elevato e semplice da assemblare
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Descrizione prodotto

Get even larger and faster 3D prints with the E3D SuperVolcano Upgrade Kit. Made from plated copper alloy, high-temperature printing can be achieved with this easy to setup upgrade kit. which is compatible with a variety of 3D printers. This kit comes with a plated copper alloy heater block, thermistor, 80W heater cartridge, cooling paste, wiring


SuperVolcano boasts up to 11 times the volumetric flow rate of the V6. Read more about just how quick it can print on our blog post.

High temperature

SuperVolcano can reach 300°C with the supplied thermistor, by swapping your thermistor for a PT100 or PT1000 you’ll be able to reach a maximum of 500°C. Print anything from PLA to PEEK.

Full range of nozzles

Try out a range of nozzle materials and sizes. From extensive testing, we found using a 1.0 mm nozzle gives the best balance of speed and detail. But you have the option to choose from 0.6mm up to 1.2mm. 

Greater interlayer and bed adhesion

Print wider and higher tracks - this provides a greater surface area for these tracks to bond to each other and the bed, resulting in stronger prints with reduced warping.

Compatible with the E3D ecosystem

The SuperVolcano upgrade kit is fully compatible with the E3D HotEnd range. Attach with ease to your V6, Titan Aero, Titan Aqua, Chimera+ or Hemera.

Space for a second thermistor

If extra redundancy/monitoring of your HotEnd performance is what you are after, then feel free to add another thermistor into the equation (not that that’s required).

You can find compatible nozzles in the Super Volcano nozzles category

  • 11 times the volumetric flow rate of the V6
  • Maximum temperature: 300°C
  • Plated copper HeaterBlock
  • Ugello da 1mm


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Diametro filamento 1.75 mm

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