v6 Nozzle-X
0.35 mm / 1.75 mm

Ugello Nozzle -X originale per hotend E3D v6 per filamenti abrasivi
  • Highly durable
  • High compatibility
  • Extreme hardness
  • Polyphobic coating
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Diametro output
Diametro input
1.75 mm
2.85 mm

Descrizione prodotto

Explore professional grade 3D printing with the Nozzle X. E3D has designed the ultimate jack of all trades nozzle for high temperature 3D printing. With this nozzle you can successfully print every filament material on the market. The Nozzle X is compatible with all V6 hot ends and designed to produce very smooth prints with a stunning glassy finish.

E3D’s Nozzle X is an exceptional player known to handle both wear and high temperatures very well. This is the perfect nozzle for printing carbon fiber filament, a material known to otherwise damage nozzles after some time. With the ability to reach impressive temperatures up to 450°C, select this nozzle for printing premium parts with industrial-grade materials like  PEEK filament or PPSU filament. The Nozzle X has been manufactured from special alloy steel. The steel hardness guarantees that the nozzle will properly maintain high temperatures throughout a print, ensuring the most accurate performance. The polyphobic coating is essential for diminishing material build up, keeping your nozzle as clean as possible. This in turn also allows you to create wonderfully clean and flawless 3D models!


sku E3DV6NX175MM035
gtin 8719345012952
Proprietà ugello
Tipo di hotend E3D v6 / M6 generico
Materiale X-Steel
Specialità Extra Hard
Diametro output 0.35 mm
Diametro input 1.75 mm
Filettatura M6
Altezza 12.5 mm
Larghezza 7 mm
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