Acquista filamento HIPS in IT

Esplora le strutture di supporto con il filamento in HIPS di RepRapWorld. In questo assortimento potrai trovare filamento HIPS con diametro 1.75 e 2.85 mm.

About HIPS filament

HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) is a dissolvable filament material mostly used as support material for 3D models and parts. The filament material is extremely stiff and rigid with a high impact and heat resistance. HIPS is a support material for ABS filament as they share a lot of the same properties and bond well together. If your ABS model has overhangs or bridges, HIPS filament comes in handy by printing structures that will support them. Once your printed part has cooled down, the HIPS supports can be dissolved in a liquid called d'limonene.

HIPS filament can also be used as the main material instead of the support filament. HIPS filament prints easier than ABS filament and in some cases functions better. HIPS filament 3D models will be harder and stronger as well as have a high impact resistance. Furthermore, HIPS filament will warp less. With HIPS filament, you can create objects that have great machinability and flexibility. It is a lightweight material that is also very water-resistant. HIPS is used as a material for many applications in today’s world. Some of the items where HIPS can be found are in bottles, children’s toys, home appliances, and product packaging. Discover premium quality HIPS filament by Real Filament, ensuring reliable and consistent 3D printing experiences.

Temperatura di stampa220°C-260°C
Piatto riscaldato100°C-115°C
Resistente alle alte temperature✅

Printing HIPS support structures

HIPS filament and ABS filament share many qualities and are therefore a perfect match to bond together. Printing the two materials together is supported by sharing similar printing temperatures. To achieve this you will require a 3D printer with two extruders or a dual feed system. In the table above we have shared the appropriate temperatures for printing, however, this can depend on a number of factors, like the type of 3D printer you have and the kind of nozzle being used. Be sure to run several test prints to find the ideal setting for your 3D printer. Print HIPS filament in a ventilated space with enough air circulation. Having an enclosure will eliminate temperature fluctuations and keep printing odors to a minimum. Avoid warping by wiping the build plate clean with acetone. The first layer of a 3D print determines the overall success of your 3D object. We recommend having good adhesion between the build surface and the model. This can easily be achieved by using a 3D spray, Kapton tape, or PEI sheets

Removing HIPS support structures

The removal of HIPS filament is relatively simple, as long as you have d’limonene. To remove the support structures, place the dried model in a tub of d’limonene for 24 hours. The supports will slide off without leaving any residue. Sanding and polishing of the model is not needed since the supports come out smooth.

About d’limonene

D’limonene is a natural terpene found in oranges, lemons, grapefruit, and multiple other fruits and vegetables. D’limonene is derived from the oils of fresh orange peels. Make sure to store the d’limonene in a dark and cool area, sealed off. Use gloves when you are in contact with d’limonene to avoid any skin irritation. D’limonene is biodegradable, however, be cautious of how you dispose of it because it is a chemical after all. D’limonene can be diluted with water and disposed of down the drain if you are in an area with water networks connected to a waste treatment plant. Another method advised as the best way to dispose of d’limonene is by leaving the liquid to evaporate naturally and then throwing the tub away.

Do you have any questions about HIPS filament? Please feel free to reach out to us through our customer service.

Domande frequenti

A cosa serve il filamento in HIPS?

L'HIPS è un filamento di supporto utilizzato soprattutto per il filamento in ABS. Il filamento in HIPS supporta le strutture di un modello 3D durante il processo di stampa. Una volta che il modello si è raffreddato, le strutture di supporto in HIPS si sciolgono nel d’limonene.

Quale filamento utilizza i supporti HIPS?

Filamento in ABS e in ASA. Il filamento in ABS e in ASA è compatibile con il filamento in HIPS poiché condividono diverse caratteristiche e si stampano all'incirca alla stessa temperatura. È possibile stampare due filamenti solo con una stampante 3D a estrusore doppio. Prova le diverse configurazioni per vedere quali si adattano di più alla tua stampante 3D.

Come rimuovere le strutture di supporto del filamento HIPS?

È possibile rimuovere le strutture di supporto in HIPS immergendole in d’limonene per 24 ore. Inserisci il modello in una bacinella riempita di d’limonene accertandosi che le strutture siano completamente immerse. Dopo 24 ore separare accuratamente le strutture dal modello, che verranno via senza problemi. Non è richiesto usare la cartavetro, poiché le strutture di supporto non lasciano residui.

Come sciogliere il filamento in HIPS?

Per dissolvere i supporti in filamento HIPS immergere il modello 3D o l'oggetto stampato in un contenitore con d’limonene per 24 ore. Agitare il contenitore di tanto in tanto per una rimozione più rapida.

Come smaltire il d'limonene?

Il miglior modo per smaltire il d’limonene è lasciar evaporare il liquido e gettare il contenitore. È possibile diluire il d’limonene con acqua e smaltire il residuo in una zona appropriata dove è permesso il trattamento dei liquidi di scarto. Verifica il regolamento del tuo comune per lo smaltimento delle sostanze chimiche, poiché il d'limonene è una sostanza chimica naturale.

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