Filamento BASF in IT

Visualizza la collezione di filamento 3D a marchio BASF. Abbiamo selezionato filamento BASF premium di livello industriale per la stampa di parti di livello professionale e oggetti con proprietà eccezionali.

About BASF 3D filament

BASF is a multinational German chemical company that has existed since the 1800s. They have become the biggest chemical producer in the world, operating in all five continents. BASF is the connoisseur when it comes to the creation and development of chemicals. This has largely been achieved through their long-term experience and expertise and they continue to be at the forefront of chemical innovation and development. The company believes that it is crucial to be sustainable and provide a future with lower emissions.

BASF has a high-performance thermoplastics brand with phenomenal qualities known as Ultrafuse. There are multiple BASF Ultrafuse filament materials produced with their own unique properties and functions to support a range of applications. These high-performance thermoplastics are used in many industries where professional and industrial-grade materials are required.

3D printing BASF filament

All Ultrafuse filament has specific printing instructions by the manufacturer that can be followed. Working with Ultrafuse filament does require some previous 3D printing knowledge and experience. Furthermore, you will need a 3D printer that can print high temperatures. An enclosed 3D printer with a heated chamber will keep the printed part from cooling down too fast. Be sure to perform your 3D printing in a well-ventilated space. Ultrafuse filament materials can be very abrasive and therefore it is recommended to use a ruby tip nozzle or a hardened steel nozzle to avoid any damage.

BASF D&S service

BASF has a special debinding and sintering service in place for filament that requires industrial processing. The metal filament by Ultrafuse allows makers to print green parts at home. The green parts will need to be sent to a D&S service in order to be refined as well as receive the final properties of the metal. Once the part is returned, the part is complete and equipped with industrial-level qualities. All FDM/FFF 3D printers have the ability to print the metal filaments. Designing and printing the green parts at home followed by the D&S service gives makers the chance to create professional parts and equipment, for example, marine-grade steel parts. Use a ruby tip nozzle or a hardened steel nozzle to avoid any damage during the print since metal filaments are highly abrasive.

Store BASF filament

Store your filament correctly to ensure longevity and high-quality prints. Avoid all moisture from entering the material and use a drying box to keep your BASF Ultrafuse filament in the best condition.

For more information on BASF filament, get in contact with us through our customer service team. We are happy to be of assistance!

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