Compra filamento PETG in IT

Scopri la nostra ampia selezione di filamento PETG dei migliori marchi in una variegata gamma di colori. Offriamo filamento PETG ad alta qualità in diametri standard e pellet.

About PETG filament

Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol more commonly known as PETG filament is a thermoplastic embraced for its exceptional chemical resistance and durability. It is a 3D filament material that continues to rise in popularity due to its excellent qualities, which seem like a combination of the best properties of both PLA filament and ABS filament.

PETG filament has significantly impressive mechanical properties as well as high chemical resistance. The material has high tensile strength and will bend rather than break when pressure is applied. PETG filament has great warping resistance as well as low shrinkage and produces 3D prints that are strong with a glossy or smooth finish. It is possible to recycle PETG filament depending on the regulations of the region you are in.

Printing temperature230°C-250°C
Heated BedNot required
Water resistant

3D printing with PETG filament

PETG filament is praised for how easy it is to print with, being nearly odorless, and requires no enclosure during the 3D printing process. Using an enclosure will benefit the print by keeping away drafts and maintaining a stable temperature. It is advised to always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer depending on which type of PETG filament that you choose to buy. We recommend our own RepRap Filament, a user-friendly high-quality PETG filament that creates consistent and well-functioning 3D parts. PETG filament generally prints best in the temperature range of 230°C-250°C with a heated bed temperature between 65° using 3DLAC. Without proper adhesion, PETG filament will not easily stick to surfaces. Do take into account that a heated bed is not a requirement for printing with PETG filament.

Why use PETG filament?

PETG filament is admired for its strength and produces formidable structural parts. The material is more weather-resistant in comparison to other materials such as PLA filament and ABS filament. The transparent appearance of PETG filament makes it ideal for lampshades, lithophanes, and flower vases. Furthermore, PETG is fully recyclable.

Can I glue PETG filament?

PETG filament cannot be glued with the standard available glues so be sure to use screws if you would like to attach parts together or join parts with other materials.

Do you have questions or would you like to know more about PETG filament? Contact our customer service for support.

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