Dado distanziale con filetto M3 ( 50 pz )

Multi-purpose M3 Spacer Nut with Thread
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Galvanized steel
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Descrizione prodotto

Explore our M3 Spacer Nuts with Thread for every setup. The threaded nuts ensure that two components are properly fastened without requiring additional tools to create bores. Spacer nuts are also known as standoffs and play a key role in multilevel assembly purposes. Mount your 3D printer’s electronics with our premium M3 spacers!

Easily install the self-tapping M3 Spacer Nut with Thread with a screwdriver or pliers. This simple yet handy device can be used to hook up a range of peripherals, as well as elevate parts that need to be situated at a higher level. This will, for example, prevent shorting electronics to a metal frame. The M3 spacer nut with thread is made from galvanized steel, providing reliability and strength. The material is highly durable and will not shift with fluctuating temperatures.


sku M3SPACER50
gtin 8719345013515
Lunghezza 12 mm
Filettatura M3
€ 13,50  incl. IVA Disponibile
Spedizione nello stesso giorno lavorativo!
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