Octopus from BigTreeTech

Octopus from BigTreeTech

Written by Lillianne Grootens on 13/01/2023 13:44:38
Octopus from BigTreeTech

Build a blazingly fast and powerful 3D printer with the BigTreeTech Octopus , we have the Pro v1.0 and V1.1 available for direct purchase, we will introduce below, want to find out more? Then click on the link of the board of your choice.

Octopus V1.1
This controller board provides multiple options to communicate. Of course the Octopus provides a USB-C header for a connection to a computer and a microSD slot for printing gcode files directly. The board  has optocouplers to create a galvanized separation between stepper driver and mainboard circuits. This protects the main board circuit from damage by faulty or reversed stepper drivers. The Octopus v1.1 comes with five thermistor headers to connect a 100K thermistor.

Octopus Pro V1.0
The eight stepper drivers slots can be used to build a 3D printers with 8 axis, so besides the normal X,Y,Z and Extruder drivers you can add another 4. This enables you do do fancy things like leveling the bed automatically, or color mix filament. The Octopus Pro version also allows you to run the stepper drivers on 60V for even higher torque, resulting in more reliable and faster movements. The Octopus Pro v1.0 comes with five thermistor headers to connect a 100K thermistor. Also a MAX31865 chip is on-board for connecting up to two PT100 or PT1000 thermo couples.

Octopus V1.1Octopus Pro V1.0


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