Order the new Finder 3.0 printer now!

Order the new Finder 3.0 printer now!

Written by Ismail Omar on 23/03/2023 18:00:00
Order the new Finder 3.0 printer now!

Ready, Set, Print! The FlashForge Finder 3.0 3D printer is an update version of the FlashForge Finder 2.0 with many improvements for an even better 3D printing experience. The 3D printer is fully enclosed and comes assembled with only a few steps to take before you can start 3D printing. The easy to use interface and remote control over WiFI make this a great machine for use at home or school.

The FlashForge Finder 3.0 3D printer can reach temperatures up to 260 °C for the hotend and has a direct-drive extruder system, enabling you to print many different materials and even flexibels. The 3D printer comes with a decently sized build volume of 195x190x200 mm and has a glass sheet as well as a PEI coated spring steel sheet build platform for the best adhesion for each situation.

For your convenience, the FlashForge Finder 3.0 3D printer can detect filament run-outs with the filament sensor and can resume 3D printing after a power loss. We recommend ordering 1.75 mm PLA filament with this printer to start 3D printing and use 3DLAC adhesion spray for the best adhesion on the build platform

Click on the button below to find out more about the new Finder 3.0 printer from FlashForge and order your own.

Order the new FlashForge printer now!


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