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CHRISTMAS SALE: PLA+ from eSun €14.99/€18.14, Creality CR-20 in stock, new Prototyping Section

First Minitronics 2.0 in stock (the 32-bit RAMPS killer), 3D printers available at RRW and other new items available

Sneak preview: Minitronics 2.0, Ultratronics PRO for 99.99!

Issue #32: Product introduction; the Gemstuder. Cable management anyone? And 25% discount on RepRapFilament.

Issue #31: Megatronics V3.2, TU DELFT Designing contest and Extrude-off race to the finish.

Issue #30: New website, Beer&Pizza party date change with Extrude-off and much more...

Issue #29: New Pulleys in black, 40 and 60 teeth, new colors and material for RepRapFilament and more...

Issue #28: Meet the maker, New Real Filament! and more...

Newsletter #27: Happy New Year! Meet the maker, Nema23 and more...

Issue #26: New in stock; Duet3D, Formnext report, printing on T-shirts and more...

Issue #25: Free access to formnext, TCT Show with the Delta-Rex, Meet the maker and more...

Issue #24: SLA a basic introduction, RepRapFilament, Meet the maker and more...

Issue #23: Visiting Real Filament, New ABS+HF from Real Filament and more..

Issue #22: Megatronics in school, GT2 9mm PRO line, indoor plumbing and much more...

Issue #21: Maker Jan Donker, Blender Workshop, TCT announcement...

Issue #20: Diede's Beagle Instruction video, Printing tips, OpenSCAD modeling, Titan Aero announcement

Issue #19: Blender tutorial, Kosstock printer, filament run-out sensor and more

Issue #18: FREE access to Euromold, Thingiverse printables, TCT2016 report and more

Issue #17: Olympics, drones with real flex and more

Issue #16: SLA printing, hacker hotel, food printing and more

Issue #15: Beagles, Chocolate fun, Delta printer and more

Issue #14: Ultratronics, BIG printer, SLA and more

Issue #13: Ultratronics, Veader cold, new filaments and much more..

Issue #12 - TCT, Beagle launched, Veader cold en

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