Opto endstop PCB TCST-2103

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Descrizione prodotto

Assembled optical (opto) endstop module with the Vishay TCST-2103, for reliable homing detection. Compatible with all our electronics boards.

By using this module, you will get a very precise method home detection compared to regular micro-switches. The opto end stop PCB includes a optical sensor TCST-2103, which works by emitting a infra-red light onto a light sensor (Phototransistor). By blocking the light, with a flag for example, the sensor will report a detection. This way your electronics can detect when an axis hits it's home position for example. This product has the following features:

  • Green detection LED, turning off upon detection
  • 3v3 as well as 5v compatible
  • Screw terminal as well as a 3-pin header to connect the board to your electronics
  • Nice, compact black painted PCB

On the pcb are a screw terminal header and 3-pin header, allowing you to connect the endstop with a 3-way wire to your electronics. The module will work fine with either 3v3 or 5v input, so you can use it on the Ultratronics board as well. Connect the 3v3/5v input to the vcc pin, connect the - to the GND pin and the detection pin to SIG. You will need to disable the pull-ups in your firmware when using this module and put inverting to false, as the module will give a HIGH signal when it measures detection.

The opto end stop pcb has two 3mm mounting holes for mounting the board to your 3D printer or CNC machine. Refer to the drawing for details of the placement of the hole. As the holes are on the same position as our mechanical endstop, it allows for easy upgrading.



Larghezza 38.91 mm
Lunghezza 17.27 mm
Altezza 15 mm
Foro di montaggio 3 mm
Specifiche elettriche
Tensione nominale 3.3 / 5 V
€ 7,25  incl. IVA Disponibile
Spedizione nello stesso giorno lavorativo!

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