NinjaTek Cheetah 3D filament - White (Snow) 3 mm / 0.5 kg

  • Semi-flexible material, like a shopping cart wheel when printed solid
  • Works best in direct-drive extruder systems
  • Shore Hardness: 95A / 50D
  • Color: Snow
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Descrizione prodotto

NinjaTek Cheetah TPE Snow is high quality semi-flexible filament. It is suitable for all 3D printers in creating strong and flexible prints. Easier and faster to print then NinjaFlex and great for printing soft, wear resistant 3D prints.

The filament can be printed using any 3D printer, but the filament path must be fully encapsulated; printable with practice on bowden systems at slower speeds. For bowden systems printing is very difficult and for advanced users who like a challenge only.

NinjaTek's new strong, semi-flexible filament is capable of printing much faster and cleaner than NinjaFlex without much impact to material stiffness. The operating temperature is in the range of 230 - 250 deg °C. Other properties are as follows:

  • Shore Hardness = 95A
  • Prints at speeds greater than 60 mm/s with standard ABS settings
  • Significantly greater impact strength than all widely used materials – 84% greater than ABS!
  • Abrasion resistance 40% better than ABS and 76% better than PLA
  • 580% elongation capabilities improve ability to withstand wear and tear
  • Low friction allows for smooth feeding
  • Chemical resistance to many materials, including: naphtha, ASTM Oils #1-3, petroleum and freon
  • Consistent diameter and material properties providing reliable, high quality prints
  • REACH and RoHS 2002/95/EC Directive compliant

TPE is a generic term for flexible 3D printer filaments, this material is branded as TPU, which is a subset of the TPE and is a bit firmer. Best is to look at the shore for comparing flexible filament. For more information, please check the TPE/TPU information page.


Dimensioni bobina
Diametro esterno 200 mm
Diametro interno 50 mm
Larghezza 54 mm
Quantità filamento 500 g
Proprietà di stampa

The base material used in the filament. For more information on the different materials, please check the Filament information page

Temperatura - estrusore 220 - 230 °C
Temperatura - piatto riscaldato 20 - 50 °C
Colore Bianco
Specialità Flessibile
Diametro 3 mm
Durezza Shore 95A
€ 44,50  incl. IVA Disponibile

Solo 4 rimasti, ordina subito!


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