Heated Bed PCB 200x200mm 12/24V MK2B

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Opzioni prodotto
Axial Carbon Resistor 1K Ω (10 pieces)| ±5 % 0.25 W
Axial Carbon Resistor 1K Ω (10 pieces)
±5 % 0.25 W
General purpose Through hole Carbon fixed resistor
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LED - 5mm - Red
LED - 5mm - Red
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Descrizione prodotto

Cool black 12/24V heated bed PCB for safe and reliable heating of your print surface. Comes with a thermistor hole and 4x 3mm mounting points.

This 214x214mm PCB will provide a heated print area of 200x200mm. It has one side with traces that will get warm when current is applied. The other side is a solid copper layer which radiates the heat evenly over the PCB, providing a consistent hot area. You can connect 12V or 24V to the board, by following the the wiring table shown on the PCB. Make sure to use thick cables and a heavy power supply, as the board will draw up to 10A of current.

Optionally you can hook up a LED for indication of power, however it will NOT report if the heated bed is hot. This is only the heated bed PCB, LED and 1K8 ohm resistors are sold separately. You can easily fasten a glass sheet onto the bed with bed clamps, both also available in our shop.

This board will heat up to 90 degrees C in about 8 minutes on 12V. With 24V you can get to 120 degrees in 6 minutes. Resistance of the board may differ from 1.2 to 2ohm. To verify the resistance of the PCB, please measure the current and calculate the resistance from there as most multi-meters will not report small amount of resistance reliably.


Proprietà generali
Materiale PCB
Tipo Quadrato
Larghezza 214 mm
Lunghezza 214 mm
Altezza 2 mm
Foro di montaggio 3 mm
Specifiche elettriche
Tensione nominale 12/24 V
Corrente 10
€ 14,75  incl. IVA Disponibile
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