Mars 3

The resin 3D printer with all the build space that you have been waiting for
  • Large build volume
  • Fast resin 3D printing
  • Sandblasted surface
  • 4K resolution 6.6” LCD
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€ 474,95  incl. IVA
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Descrizione prodotto

Experience efficient and industrial-level 3D printing with the Elegoo Mars 3 3D printer. This resin 3D printer has an impressive build space and is one of the largest available on the market. Create a range of parts in any size!

Explore the Elegoo Mars 3 3D printer for serious LCD resin 3D printing. There are many new impressive features that come with this machine. The build size allows makers to create without being limited by space, specifically, a 143 mm x 89 mm x 175 mm build volume. This 3D printer has an updated COB (chip-on-board) light source with an upgraded heat sink system maintaining inside temperatures. This will ultimately influence the durability of a 3D printer, thanks to the heatsink with 50% higher heat dissipation in comparison to regular heat sinks.

The sandblasted build plate will ensure that your 3D models get the best adhesion possible. Good adhesion is necessary to avoid warping, guaranteeing high-quality resin prints. The FEP film has also received an upgrade to further provide exceptional quality 3D models. Furthermore, the Elegoo Mars 3 3D printer is a sturdy and strong 3D printer as a solid linear rail brings steady and quiet 3D printing to everyone.

A great slicer that is compatible with Elegoo 3D printers is the Chitubox slicer for resin 3D models. The Elegoo Mars 3 3D printer comes with the pro version of the Chitubox Slicer for one full year. Once you have printed a resin 3D model, post-processing is the final step. Curing your prints is necessary as uncured resin is toxic. With the Wash & Cure 2.0 you can safely achieve this step in one go!


Proprietà generali
Serie Mars
Tipo Mars 3
Proprietà della stampante 3D
Risoluzione layer 0.01 mm
volumedistampa 14.3x8.9x17.5 cm
Type of 3D printer SLA/DLP
Product Dimensions 227x227x439 mm
Proprietà dell'SLA
Fonte UV LCD
UV Wavelength 405 nm
Tipo di interfaccia di controllo Schermo touch
Tipo di display Monochrome LCD
Con box
€ 474,95  incl. IVA
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10 - 29: IVA escl. € 360,11 incl. € 439,33
30 - : IVA escl. € 350,37 incl. € 427,46
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