Saturn 2

Highly detailed resin 3D printer for creating tall models exceptionally fast
  • Matrix light source
  • Charcoal air filters
  • Speedy resin printing
  • 8K monochrome LCD
  • Scratch-resistant glass
€ 544,99  incl. IVA
Coming soon! Expected dispatch date is 10 Oktober 2022
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Descrizione prodotto

Explore detailed 3D printing with the Saturn 2 3D printer. Elegoo has designed another resin 3D printer that is even more precise! Print bigger and taller resin models faster and capture every detail with the premium machine.

The Elegoo Saturn 2 is manufactured to be a highly stable machine. With dual Z linear rails and hexagon non-slip sockets in place, the 3D printer is kept very level. A level machine will print reliably and produce parts with the same consistency and precision every time.

The 219 mm x 123 mm x 250 mm build volume is ideal for creating taller resin 3D models. Printing happens exceptionally fast whereby a layer is created in 2-3 seconds!

With an 8.9 monochrome LCD and matrix light source, you can be sure to capture extreme detail. The 7680 x 4320 resolution ensures every corner and edge comes out very sharply. The scratch-resistant tempered glass located above the LCD screen will prevent damage while allowing clear light transmission for the best quality 3D models.

The machine’s sandblasted surface offers the perfect amount of adhesion which highly influences the outcome of your printed parts. Large 3D models will have all the support you could wish for when their foundation is flawless.

The Elegoo Saturn 2 is also equipped with a replaceable activated charcoal filter to keep resin odors at bay so that you can print safely at all times. The 3.5” touchscreen provides clarity and ease when operating your machine. 

A great slicer that is compatible with Elegoo 3D printers is the Chitubox slicer and Lychee Slicer. Once you have created a resin 3D model, post-processing is a crucial final step. With the Wash & Cure 2.0, you can safely achieve this step in one go!


Serie Saturn
Tipo Saturn 2
volumedistampa 21.9x12.3x25 cm
Risoluzione layer 0.0125 mm
Type of 3D printer SLA/DLP
Product Dimensions 305.9x273x567.3 mm
UV Wavelength 405 nm
Tipo di display Schermo LCD da 3.5"
Tipo di interfaccia di controllo Schermo touch
Con box
Tensione d'ingresso 110/240 V
Tensione nominale 24 V
Corrente 4
Potenza nominale max. 96 W


Discover all the parts and accessories that you can use with the Saturn 2. These products are here to support your project at every step of the way. Select premium supplies that provide expert solutions.


Filtri resina (25 pezzi)
Filtra la resina prima di riporla per evitare contaminazioni
  € 15,50
Vitril disposable gloves|Size M / Blu / 100 pieces
Lavora in sicurezza con le resine e altre sostanze chimiche indossando questi guanti
  € 9,99

Lubrication and maintenance

Super olio ( 7 ml )
Perfetto per la lubrificazione di cuscinetti e slider lineari
  € 7,50


Find compatible resin for your 3D printer

UV 3D resin|Nero / 250 ml
Questa resina per stampanti 3D è compatibile con diverse stampanti 3D UV
  € 19,99
Resina UV lavabile in acqua per stampante 3D SLA|Bianco / 250 ml
Resina a indurimento rapido lavabile in acqua e user-friendly per stampanti 3D SLA UV DLP e UV Led
  € 18,50
eResin-PLA LCD | Verde chiaro / 1000 g
Resina PLC LCD bio versatile per qualsiasi progetto
  € 39,49

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