Compra stampanti 3D Flashforge in IT

Experience 3D printing with Flashforge. Our Flashforge collection entails user-friendly plug-and-play 3D printers for all makers. We have based our selection on high-quality machines for exceptional 3D prints.

Finder Wifi
Finder Wifi
Low cost plug and play 3D printer
  • Volume di stampa: 140x140x140mm
  • Piatto riscaldato: No
  • LCD+Scheda SD: Sì
  • Materiali: PLA, PETG, FLEX
  • Diametro del filamento: 1.75mm
  • Piatto autolivellante: No
Adventurer 3 Wifi
Adventurer 3 Wifi
Stampante 3D con ottimo set di funzioni con WiFi, rete e videocamera
  • Volume di stampa: 150x150x150mm
  • Piatto riscaldato: Sì
  • LCD+Scheda SD: Sì
  • Materiali: PLA, PETG, FLEX
  • Rete: Ethernet e WiFi
  • Camera: Sì
€ 359,75
€ 341,76
Creator Pro
Creator Pro
  • Volume di stampa: 227x148x150mm
  • Estrusori: 2
  • LCD+SD: Sì
  • Diametro filamento: 1.75mm
  • Piatto autolivellante: Sì
€ 574,80
€ 546,06

About Flashforge

Zhejiang Flashforge 3D Technology Co., LTD is a brand founded in 2011 that creates professional 3D printers. The company has products available in over 100 countries and continues to specialize in research, development, and manufacturing 3D related-products. In our assortment of 3D printers, we have chosen the 3D printers by Flashforge that have stood out in terms of quality and a user-friendly printing experience.

Printing with Flashforge 3D printer

The Flashforge 3D printers are plug-and-play 3D printers, meaning no assembly is needed and you can start 3D printing right away. This saves time and also allows you to fully focus on the 3D printing process itself. The 3D printers come with straightforward instructions that all makers can follow. There are also a series of online videos with step-by-step assistance and advice for 3D printing with Flashforge. The 3D printers by Flashforge have a closed-frame which provides safety during printing and will tend to reduce any printing noise. This will also eliminate any smells produced by the filament materials.

Select your Flashforge 3D printer

Choose a 3D printer that suits your 3D printing needs. There are several specifications to consider when selecting the right Flashforge 3D printer for you. Firstly, have a look at the build plate size. This will influence how large your 3D models can be. Decide if you prefer to have the auto-bed leveling feature and whether you would like a heated bed or have wifi connectivity. Flashforge also gives the option between the Bowden or Direct drive printing systems. For a 3D printer with more than one extruder, view the Flashforge Creator Pro with a double extrusion system. Utilize the compare option to easily align and compare all specifications!

Do you have any questions about the Flashforge 3D printers? Feel free to contact us via our customer service, we are happy to be of assistance.

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