Anycubic 3D

Photon Mono SE
SLA 3D Printer

Superfast SLA 3D printer with 13x7,8x16 cm build volume
  • 3.5 inch Touch Screen
  • Matrix parallel light source
  • Super fast printing speed
Disponibilitá - NL: 21
€ 340  incl. IVA Disponibile
Spedizione nello stesso giorno lavorativo!
Opzioni prodotto
eResin-PLA  LCD | Nero / 1000 g
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Nero / 1000 g
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Filtri resina (25 pezzi)
Filtri resina (25 pezzi)
Filtra la resina prima di riporla per evitare contaminazioni
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Pulitore resina 1 litro
Pulitore resina 1 litro
Pulisce le parti stampate in 3D in SLA dai residui di resina
€ 44,50
Spatula tool|40 mm
Spatula tool
40 mm
Robusta spatola in acciaio per la rimozione delle stampe 3D
€ 3,75

Descrizione prodotto

With this Anycubic SLA 3D printer you can make resin 3D prints with a maximum of 13x7.8x16 cm at great speed: it can go up to a speed of 80 mm per hour. It is 2-3 times faster than a regular LCD screen, because of the new Matrix parallel light source which results in a uniform exposure, higher efficiency and a better heat dissipation. The high performance Z-axis is extremely stable thanks to the dual linear rails and improved mounting, while you can setup and level the 3D printer in minutes thanks to the easy bed leveling system.

You can design your models with the updated user-friendly Anycubic Slicer software, which now enables you to add text and has the ability to split your model. You can also download the Anycubic app that allows you to adjust printer settings, remotely control the printer and monitor the progress from your phone.

The following items are included in the box:

  • User manual
  • Tool set
  • WIFI antenna
  • USB stick
  • Filter
  • Resin vat and build platform
  • Gloves
  • Scraper
  • Power cord


Proprietà generali
GTIN 0715235125274
Serie Photon
Tipo Photon Mono
Proprietà della stampante 3D
volumedistampa 13x7.8x16 cm
Risoluzione asse X 0.051 mm
Risoluzione asse Y 0.051 mm
Risoluzione layer 0.01-0.15 mm
Tipi di filamento PETG,PLA
Type of 3D printer SLA/DLP
Product Dimensions 400x400x400 mm
Proprietà dell'SLA
Velocità di stampa (Asse Z) 80 mm/h
UV Wavelength 405 nm
Scheda SD

A SD Card in your printer will allow you to store prints and print them directly from SD. This is more reliable than a USB connection and allows you to power down your computer.


This feature allows your printer to be controlled over a WIFI network. You can execute movements as well as start a print.

Specifiche elettriche
Tensione d'ingresso 110/240 V
Potenza nominale max. 55 W
Proprietà di incisione laser
Lunghezza d'onda 405 nm
€ 340  incl. IVA Disponibile
Spedizione nello stesso giorno lavorativo!


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